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Boson Releases Major Update To Exam Environment Software

Nashville, Tennessee (January 30, 2007) - Boson Software, LLC announced today the release of a major update to the Boson Exam Environment (BEE), Boson’s software-based delivery platform for its ExSim™ exam simulation content.

On the one-year anniversary of its initial release, the BEE has been updated to improve the exam experience and provide users with more options than ever before. Enhanced navigation, in-line explanations for immediate feedback and fixed, custom, and random exam options allow the user to tailor the content to fit their preferred exam preparation style.

The improvements allow the BEE to generate exams that are more realistic, allowing users to better prepare for the actual certification exams. Users are now presented with the option to review all of the questions before grading the exam, which is similar to many real certification exams. This allows users the opportunity to verify each question was answered, review any questions, or simply end and grade the exam.

The new display mode for answers and explanations makes for an improved study experience for users. Answers and explanations are now referenced all on one page with answers highlighted making it quicker and easier to see the correct answers. Added support for rich text allows for formatting enhancements such as bolding, italics, and underlining, plus other features including tables, lists, and in-line diagrams. The exam selection layout has been updated, creating exam breakdowns that are more representative of actual certification exams.

"We are extremely excited about this update and what it provides for our customers,” said Martin Frank, senior programmer on the BEE team. “Our newest ExSim-Max products will fully leverage the new functionality to deliver the most realistic and complete exam simulation experience in the market.”

The BEE is available online at our downloads page, or you can call 877-333-EXAM (3926) for more information.

Boson Software, LLC is a privately-held company with offices in Tampa, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee. Boson specializes in providing robust learning solutions, including the NetSim® Cisco® network simulator and the ExSim examination preparation materials used by individuals, businesses, academic institutions, and government entities around the world. Boson offers instructor-led IT training through its affiliate Boson Training, LLC for Cisco technologies, as well as for security technologies including EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker® program.


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