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Boson Packages Products in 'Kits'

Tampa, Florida (December 19, 2005) - Boson Software, LLC announces the availability of its products within various, money-saving Kits. There are three types of Kits available: Complete, ExSim, and Choice Kits.

Complete Kits include everything in Boson's product line for a particular certification. For example, the Complete Kit for CCNA includes three ExSim-Max exam simulations, one audio training product for CCNA, and NetSim for CCNA. Purchasing this Kit saves customers 36% over purchasing the component items individually.

ExSim Kits include all exam simulation products for a particular certification or exam. For example, the ExSim Kit for CCNA includes all three ExSim products for the Cisco 640-801 exam.

Choice Kits are available in situations where the certification includes elective options. The Choice Kit for MCSE allows the customer to select the ExSim products that cover the desired elective.


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