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ExSim-Max for Cisco 100-105 ICND1

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (46)

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3 stars Helps, but DO NOT rely on it soley! Barely passed first try...
6/15/2017 2:09:35 PM - Matt - Burlington, KY US

I just got done with my test - passed, but barely. I thought I was going to have PLENTY of time, but I went right down to the last couple of minutes.

Cisco has a way of wording so many questions that you really have to sit and think before answering...really dissecting them. Something you thought you knew upside-down/front-to-back will feel difficult on the exam. For most questions with a single answer, there are 2 very wrong answers, and then 2 that you may have trouble picking from.

I used this in addition to quite a few other resources - packet tracer, Wendell Odom training, Kevin Wallace training, any practice tests I could find online, etc., etc. My brain (at 48) can only retain so much technical data!!

I practiced subnetting until I could do it in my head, quickly. I took the Boson exam over and over until I could get through all 180 questions without getting any wrong, and I took notes and made flash cards based on the information provided by Boson in each question - why each answer was correct and why the others were wrong. I had about 300 pages of notes taken from the various training material and about 150 flash cards. I did any packet tracer labs I could find, more than once. I studied almost every day for weeks, sometimes many hours. I felt nervous, but prepared. During the test I felt beaten down and concerned that I wasn't going to pass. I'm glad I stayed focused and took my time right down to the end, especially with the last few questions, because missing one of them could have changed everything.

So is this worth the $? Yes, it's definitely valuable training. But, DO NOT rely on it as your only source of material. I would say maybe 1, at most 2 of the questions on the test were even close to ones in this practice set. I don't expect the questions to be identical, but I was definitely expecting more to be similar. It seems like spent most of my study time studying things that weren't covered at all, or maybe there was one question.

I honestly think these tests are silly and don't represent real world skills. I will forgot most of what I studied since I don't use it on a daily basis. I think these tests should be more like packet tracer where you have to spend time actually configuring things, not require a photographic memory. Too many questions are purposely asked in a cryptic way just to trip you up. With so many resources available online, you don't need to commit so many silly things to memory.

5 stars CCENT Pass
3/13/2017 4:21:19 PM - Gerald - Indianapolis, IN US

Used ExSim-Max for my CCENT and passed today with a 860/1000. Wish I would have purchased much sooner.

5 stars ExSim-Max for Cisco 100-105 ICND1
1/27/2017 10:00:44 AM - Chase - Fairfax, VA US

Took the ICND1 exam twice and failed with a mid-700 score. Purchased this exam software to have exposure to questions that are more in line with the difficulty level of the actual exam. This pushed my knowledge and understanding far enough to pass the test my third time, 2 weeks after purchasing the software.

Will definitely be purchasing the software to help me prepare for the ICND2.

4 stars Good product to prepare for your ICND1
10/12/2016 9:39:52 AM - Ndumiso - Noordwyk, ZA

I just wrote and passed today. These practice questions were more difficult than the exam itself, these questions got me revisiting a lot of things that i thought i knew and they touched on every exam topic. However the exam didn't reach the same level of difficulty as the these questions did. The exam was fair but not easy at the same time.

I will rate this 4 stars because of the price:)

4 stars Extremely good study tool for ICND1
7/11/2016 12:19:19 PM - Sean - Nashville, TN US

This product is an extremely close match to the types of questions on the ICND1 exam. This plus Cisco's official cert guide is really all you should need to pass ICND1 with room to spare. My only nitpick is that the interface could be a better match to the actual Cisco exam environment, but even there it's closer than the practice exams that come with the actual Cisco official cert guide, which are only multiple-choice.

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