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ExSim-Max for Cisco 200-105 ICND2

Average Rating: 4 stars (34)

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5 stars Thanks Boson!
8/28/2018 9:07:14 AM - V - philadelphia, PA US

Great supplement along w/ the press book, videos and labs. All together got my CCNA :D

5 stars The most accurate & sophisticated practice exams, with the most detailed explanations
7/5/2018 4:27:41 PM - Josh - Porltand, OR US

Boson tests were more difficult than the actual exams, and I scored consistently lower on the Boson tests. Taking those exams and reading all the explanations in the exams was super helpful. Boson has super thorough and accurate explanations of all the correct and incorrect answers.

With other practice tests it never told me why each individual answer was correct or incorrect. With those tests it's very hard to learn from your mistakes, because you don't know why your answers are wrong. In addition these tests were not as sophisticated or accurate. There's nothing worse than taking a practice test with errors in it, as it is teaching you the wrong answers and incorrect concepts.

I just had to try not to get too discouraged when I was scoring in the 600s and then 700s on ICND2 Boson exams!

Thank you Boson for helping me learn and pass CCNA!

5 stars Can confirm it's very good
4/11/2018 9:59:36 AM - Clarke - Ottawa, ON CA

I used this for my ICND2 test. The questions were more in depth than any other sources I had read so it definitely helped me learn more about the exam topics. Very well written and the explanations are extremely helpful for learning the foundations of the technology. The exams are extremely challenging which is great for learning.

5 stars Money well spent
3/15/2018 6:05:31 PM - Chris - Toowoomba, AU

I sat the ICND2 exam yesterday, I used Boson practice exam and two others to prepare myself for the exam. However, through out the actual exam I was scratching my head and wondering why the questions seem so obscure, I felt as though I was guessing the answers. When I completed the exam, I expected to see a fail, so you can imagine my surprise to see a pass. I put my pass down to the Boson practice questions, but more importantly, their explanations of the answers, these helped my understanding. Money well spent, thank you Boson.

5 stars Worth the investment
1/27/2018 1:31:05 PM - will - Carmarthen, GB

With over 200 hours of reading, labbing & watching videos I scheduled the exam. With 5 days to go, trepidation hit me pretty hard and I wanted confirmation I was ready. After researching I opted to use Boson over the official Cisco practice exams. Scoring 50-60% on the 3 practice exams, I rescheduled. The maximum I could push it forward to was 10 days.

I passed the ICND2 exam, had I not invested in Boson I genuinely believe I would have failed. Not only did it expose holes in my knowledge, it provided material that was NOT in the official Cisco press books that actually came up on the exam. I smiled when it happened, ironically I actually wrote to support asking why they are featuring content that's not in the blueprint. They replied "The topics published in Cisco's blueprint do not necessarily match the topics on the live exam". They were right.

I used to think that practice exams were "cheating" but I see them as a valuable tool now. With hindsight I wish I had used them from the beginning.

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