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ExSim-Max for Cisco 200-105 ICND2

Average Rating: 4 stars (30)

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5 stars Worth the investment
1/27/2018 1:31:05 PM - will - Carmarthen, GB

With over 200 hours of reading, labbing & watching videos I scheduled the exam. With 5 days to go, trepidation hit me pretty hard and I wanted confirmation I was ready. After researching I opted to use Boson over the official Cisco practice exams. Scoring 50-60% on the 3 practice exams, I rescheduled. The maximum I could push it forward to was 10 days.

I passed the ICND2 exam, had I not invested in Boson I genuinely believe I would have failed. Not only did it expose holes in my knowledge, it provided material that was NOT in the official Cisco press books that actually came up on the exam. I smiled when it happened, ironically I actually wrote to support asking why they are featuring content that's not in the blueprint. They replied "The topics published in Cisco's blueprint do not necessarily match the topics on the live exam". They were right.

I used to think that practice exams were "cheating" but I see them as a valuable tool now. With hindsight I wish I had used them from the beginning.

3 stars You must do the hard work and study!!!
12/14/2016 5:44:06 AM - Justin - Carrum Downs, AU

You must do the hard work and study in combination with these exams, which are very valuable in preparing you for the proper exams techniques required to pass.

2 stars Big disappointment
7/11/2016 12:51:03 PM - Sean - Nashville, TN US

My experience with the Boson ICND1 100-101 ExSim-Max was extremely positive, but unfortunately I can't say the same for 200-101. The question pool was only a mediocre match for what was on the exam - if Boson's ICND1 was 90% accurate to the cert exam topics, ICND2 was maybe 75% accurate. It's not worthless (75% is better than 0%), but you really can't trust it as an indicator of study progress - unlike my experience with ICND1, you could very easily get 1000 on the Boson ICND2 practice exams and still have *large* gaps in your ICND2 exam preparation.

5 stars Highly recommend
6/14/2016 8:19:58 AM - Anthony - Montgomery Village, MD US

I just passed my icnd2 with a score of 894 and not sure I could have done it without this product.
I studied using a book and an online course; both of which were very good material, but neither seemed to prepare me for the exam like this product did.
For me, anyway, seems I can have knowledge but also need to practice test taking as they like to ask "tricky" questions with "tricky" answers.
After using this product there were no surprises walking into the exam. I cannot recommend it enough

5 stars Highly Recommend!
5/18/2016 11:00:10 PM - Samuel - Independence, MO US

I utilized the ExSim-Max for my Cisco ICND2 (200-101) exam; and can definitely say it was instrumental in helping me pass on the first try!

The ExSim-Max gave me the opportunity to judge my weak spots, and see how my knowledge stacked up against the exam objectives. Do yourself a favor and buy this!

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