Instructor-led courses are delivered live, with both the participants and the Instructor at the same location. This training format can be the most effective—and can generate the highest level of participant retention and satisfaction—because it creates a dynamic, interactive learning environment that fully engages participants. Trainers can be more responsive as they more easily gauge participants’ interest in and comprehension of the material and adapt their presentations accordingly. Finally, participants in these sessions are more likely to ask questions and seek clarification, further enhancing their learning. This is particularly useful to those preparing for certification exams because analysis and problem-solving skills are learned best through trial and error.
Our interactive online classes are in real time. Participants and the  instructor interact via a synchronous webinar. Using your web browser, you will be able to connect to a  scheduled class , led by an instructor, that allows full participation from the students. You will be able to follow along with the instructor presentation, ask questions and have them answered publicly or via private chat, view application demonstrations, share applications, and practice what is learned in hands-on exercises.  This format is ideal for students that face logistical challenges or companies that have many participants in many different locations.
We have several options for companies with multiple employees who need training:
  • Training at your organization’s facility
  • Training at a third-party location in your vicinity
  • Live-Online Training
The minimum number of students for on-site training is four (4). Besides offering convenience, on-site training has the added benefit of a lower per-student cost as your student count increases.