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Tell us more about your business and what is important to you

1. Which product lines are you interested in? (Please select all that apply)
  ExSim (Exam Simulations)
     Other IT
  NetSim (Cisco IOS Simulator)
     NetSim for CCNA
     NetSim for CCNP
2. How many years has your organization facilitated employee acquisition of IT certification(s)?
3. In the next year, how many of your organization’s employees will prepare for the following IT certifications?
  Cisco (list approximate # of employees)
  Microsoft (list approximate # of employees)
  CompTIA (list approximate # of employees)
  Other IT Certifications (list approximate # of employees)
4. In how many offices are your certification candidates located?
5. Does your organization have a significant number of “virtual” employees seeking certification?
6. By what date would you like to have Boson software incorporated into your training program?
7. Briefly explain your needs.

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