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Practice Lab for the Introduction to Programming Using Python

Improve your practical IT skills in a live-lab environment.

Introduction to Programming using Python

The Practice Lab for the Introduction to Programming using Python will provide you with the platform to gain hands-on skills for programming using Python.
By completing the modules, you will improve your practical skills in performing operations using data types and operators, controlling flow with decisions and loops, performing input and output operations, documenting and structuring code, performing troubleshooting and error handling and performing operations using modules and tools.
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*A Practice Lab purchase includes access for one (1) year from activation.
Intro Programming Python
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Benefits & Features

  • Practice in live, virtual IT labs aligned with your certification
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the material with hands-on practice
  • Access virtual labs through the internet anytime, from anywhere


  • Working with Primitive Data Types
  • Working with Multiple Assignment Statements
  • Converting Types in Python
  • Creating Lists
  • Modifying Lists
  • Sorting and Reversing Lists
  • Slicing Lists
  • Working with Operators
  • Determining Operator Precedence
  • Working with If Statements
  • Using Compound Conditional Expressions
  • Working with For Loops
  • Working with While Loops
  • Nesting For Loops
  • Reading Files
  • Copying Files
  • Merging Mails
  • Reading Console Inputs and Formatting Outputs
  • Reading Command Line Arguments
  • Defining Functions
  • Using Default Arguments
  • Using Keyword and Positional Arguments
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Using Math and Random Modules
  • Displaying Datetime, Working Directory and File Metadata

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