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ExSim-Max for Cisco 100-105 ICND1

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (81)

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5 stars Great
8/17/2019 7:42:34 PM - Rohan - Bronx, NY US

a must buy if your interested in passing the ccent, the questions help you understand the more trickier cisco might ask you.

5 stars Passed ICND1 THANK YOU!!!
8/5/2019 1:19:41 PM - Boris - Devon, PA US

Without this practice exam I cannot see a way I could have validated what I know on a test taking level. Questions were great and I loved the explanations that comes with each one. Definitely getting ICND2 practice test next!!!!!

5 stars Great Resource
6/14/2019 3:43:21 PM - Michael - Dubuque, IA US

Exam feel was very close to the real thing. Did a wonderful job pointing out my knowledge gaps and wile providing useful info in study mode. Word of warning, this should not be a study guide for you. Books, labs and lectures are where you learn, if you expect to memorize these questions and pass the exam your gonna have a bad time. Take one test to gauge your readiness then study your weak spots. Next time take the different question set. Repeat.

Started out getting 600's and diving back in to study the topics I got wrong. Finished my practice tests getting in the 90s and that translated very well to the exam.

5 stars Great Exam Simulator and learning tool.
6/1/2019 12:55:06 PM - branson - ottawa, ON CA

Ex Sim is worth every penny. I ran through the exams every 3-4 weeks (its very easy to memorize the problems the questions present , so dont grind the exams repeatedly)

The software feel is very close to the real exam (hence the 'Sim') , so it gets you ready for what Cisco may throw at you look feel and knowledge. Any questions you get wrong you can go back and read the explanation as well as print them out to a pdf which was helpful for when you cant study near your home pc , you can just read the notes off your phone.

By being less forgiving , it really forces you to tighten up on your knowledge and skills so if you push for a high score and hit the mark , you will most likely do better on the real exam.

Passed a couple weeks ago with a 913. Just bought the 200-105.Lets go!

5 stars Excellent practice tests
5/24/2019 9:31:17 PM - Cameron - Indianapolis, IN US

Don't expect to buy this as an exam dump and use it to pass Cisco's test (I've seen some negative reviews on a lot of pages and it's obvious that's what's going on). But if you've studied the material and want to verify your knowledge and find your weak points, Boson's ICND1 tests are awesome. There are several tests and the answer explanations are detailed. After spending some time taking the tests and reviewing the answers, I passed the last couple practice tests (barely) and passed the actual exam with a score over 900. I could not have done it without these practice tests. Best resource I used by far.

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