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ExSim-Max for Cisco 300-115 SWITCH

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5 stars Great Tool, Even though I didn't Pass
7/18/2019 12:16:19 PM - Robert - Toluca Lake, CA US

I had first taken the exam in August 2018 without completely studying for it. I kept hearing how easy of a test it was and felt I could pass it based on my knowledge alone. Of course I failed; pretty horribly might I add. I tried taking it again in December (both tests were done on free vouchers). I still hadn't really studied but the voucher was getting ready to expire. I purchased this ExSim about a week before the test and just started using it. The Sims were so spot on with the way the real test flows, that even though I didn't pass, I was only about 90 points away from passing and had about 3 or 4 tickets left. The daunting part of the test is not know exactly what you need to do and not having a rhythm while doing the test. This Sim allowed me to build a rhythm. It gave me an idea of how I wanted to start troubleshooting. I got caught up on one ticket that took too much time, but I know that if I had been able to get passed that ticket, I would have passed and it would have been all because of this product. I met with Boson back at CiscoLive 2017 and was really impressed, so when I got home I've only used them as my practice resource.

2 stars Not Very Current Simulator
3/28/2019 9:20:09 PM - Jason - North Las Vegas, NV US

I took the 300-115 exam today and found this product did not adequately prepare me for the exam. It resembled the test engine, but that's it. Questions were remarkably different than on the exam than they were in the simulator.

5 stars Very useful prep tool
1/30/2019 6:34:11 AM - Graeme - Bo'ness, GB

Today I passed the Switch exam at the first attempt. The questions on the ExSim exams are similar to the actual exam and the lab sims are very good preparation for the exam sim and also for any config related multiple choice questions. However, to fully prepare this is only part of the picture, I also read the OCG a few times as well as Cisco documents for every protocol/technology on the course syllabus and any other practice questions I could get a hold of online. I was only refreshing my current CCNP but I will be using Boson's products again in future

1 star Product was not up to date and Boson knew this.
11/19/2018 1:31:49 AM - Fraser - Hannover, DE

When I informed Boson of my Fail, the reply stated that they have also heard from other users that were also saying that the product was not up to date, and that I should wait for the next update, 2 months later after the New Year!

5 stars Passed the exam! This was very good compared to the real thing.
9/18/2018 6:13:49 PM - Noah - Mount Juliet, TN US

I passed SWITCH on my first attempt. I thought the questions were all tough and had good explanations and also the sims were very close to the real thing. Even though I had real hardware this really helped fill in the gaps. I also bought a few Catalyst 3650's off eBay/online for my lab.

Study and lab until you are confident. Take Exam Set A. Study and lab weak areas. Take Exam B. Study and lab weak areas. You get the idea.

I believe that this ExSim added 50-70 points to my overall test score and that was enough to pass! Highly recommended purchase. I am now going for ROUTE and then TSHOOT.

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