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ExSim-Max for CISSP

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5 stars One of the best practice tests out there for CISSP
3/23/2020 12:43:44 AM - Tanay - Balaghat, IN

The questions provided here are very similar to the real life exam, also the explanations are extremely detailed to help understand the logic.

5 stars Fantastic Exam Simulator
2/12/2020 7:51:15 AM - Andrew - spring hill, TN US

This exam simulator was incredibly helpful in preparing me for the CISSP exam. Instead of just asking questions about terms and what they mean, the simulator helps get the exam taker in right mind set through applying knowledge conceptually which is huge.

5 stars Worth every penny
12/12/2019 12:14:29 AM - H - glendale, CA US

This software package is critical to passing the CISSP. Buy it ASAP and use the test after you have studied all the material in exam simulation mode first to prepare yourself for the actual thing.

3 stars Very Later entry
12/6/2019 1:12:34 PM - Robert - Huntsville, AL US

I did not pass the CISSP. I missed it by 2 areas. I only put three(3) stars do to the fact that it was a great test bank, however, I waited to long to purchase and I became confused when changing from other test bank. That was my fault however, after looking back, I don't remember anything from boson being close ...Sorry Boson.
I am currently seeking CCNA, I'm a Network & routing person by trade (Military), CISSP is not needed in my field also I have heard nothing but great things from people in reference to Boson and the CCNA test by David Bombal and his teachings so we shall see

4 stars Passed at 100 questions first try
11/27/2019 11:42:00 AM - Mark - Chesapeake, VA US

I passed my CISSP at a 100 questions first try. I really think this exam environment helped me achieve this. Other environments are too easy compared to the real exam. Boson was the closest but still far from the real thing. The real exam is a beast.

I took one star off because the real exam does not go as deep in the technical weeds as this exam sim does. My recommendation to Boson is to focus on concepts a bit more than technical stuff.
Note: Explanation on this simulators far by far the best.
Good luck to you all!

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