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ExSim-Max for CISSP

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5 stars you must buy "ExSim-Max for CISSP"
12/14/2022 9:46:14 AM - Roman - Kyiv, UA

If you wanna pass the CISSP exam from the first attempt - you must buy "ExSim-Max for CISSP".
Some questions will confuse you because they are from the Boson Study Guide not from the Official Study Guide.
But nevertheless, it is is a very good purchase, it worth it.
Highly recommend!

5 stars Pre-Official Test review
12/11/2022 12:51:00 PM - David - ,

I failed Boson test in study mode with a 52.6%, however I am still in Chapter 9 out of 21 in the official ISC2 study book, so I am happy with this as a resource. I will use the Boson test engine in again in about a month and then more heavily towards the end of my studies. I don't take the official test for about two months.

I liked the lay out of the exam and the reporting after I graded my exam. This will show me which domains I need to put more effort into as the total score is only one part of passing the official test. My results were where I thought I would be with the domains I have studied so far. I like the "Question Review" section, because it allows me to filter out the domains I have not studied yet and just go back through the questions I missed in domains 1-3.

My only wish list item would have been the ability to take domain specific tests, so I can keep my studying more focused and use this more often. I did the online version so if this can actually be done then I missed it.

Overall this is a great test engine, nice job!

2 stars Nothing will prepare you for the exact CISSP questions, everything is a small part of the knowledge needed
7/30/2022 4:03:00 AM - Ionut - ,

I just passed the CISSP exam yesterday, 29 July 2022, and I have to tell you that I knew by heart the 700 questions offered by Boson, along with the explanation for each of them and for nothing. I honestly cannot say that it was the defining factor in me taking the exam. Out of these 700 questions, in the 125 questions of the exam I found a maximum of 10 questions that were related! The rest were totally different, meaning that even if they touched the same subject, they went a lot more into details or specifics for a subject. Maybe I had bad luck and got so few similar questions, but I doubt it. That being said, I believe that Boson should merely be an add-on to your learning and not the foundation. I highly recommend you read at least twice any reputable guide book and write down key information on the second read. Do not put you hopes on the questions you can purchase, I also purchased the official CISSP questions app for my phone and it was the same case, there are the same subjects or topics, but the exam questions are a lot more detailed and really make you think.

For the exam: the questions were a lot less technical than what I expected and a lot more "managerial". They made you think A LOT, the answers were similar, most of the time you were left with 2 very similar options and had to use your best judgement, or even guessing. You have to know the basics of the boson questions, as they MAY help you in excluding some of the options, but as I said, Boson has a lot more technical questions that what I received in the exam. It's good to know the information for yourself, not so much for the exam.

Also, as a final key point, the price is too much for the information offered honestly, they could do just fine with 50$, I paid 80$ with a discount but I cannot say Boson was the reason I passed. AND there are NOT 700 questions, some of them REPEAT, they just want to keep the 4 exams x 175 questions model.

5 stars Excellent
3/26/2022 11:15:18 PM - Logan - ,

I read the official CISSP study guide and used these practice tests to study for the exam and passed. These questions are excellent and the explanations are fantastic. Although these are somewhat more technical than they probably need to be, really focus on fully understanding concepts and the thought process behind them.

5 stars Wonderful.
12/21/2021 3:11:59 PM - Marc - ,

You've heard "a mile wide and an inch deep" when it comes to CISSP. Boson will teach you how to swim a foot deep, so that the inch-deep water of the exam will feel easier. Provisionally passed today.

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