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ExSim-Max for CISSP

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (27)

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5 stars BOSON CISSP Test Series
4/19/2023 3:24:52 AM - Mansoora - Abudhabi, AE

Thanks to Boson for giving me enough confidence to conquer the CISSP. BOSON series not only help me to practice the question and manage the time but strength my concepts and tune my neurons to clear any CAT exams.
Thanks Boson -- Best Buddy to push me especially when I felt "Oh it is too much - I cannot do it".

5 stars Big help for exam study
3/20/2023 7:32:49 AM - Cynthia - ,

The CISSP practice exams were a big help as a study supplement. Having the option for study mode and showing answers with explanations was another way to retain info for me. I highly recommend using these practice exams.

5 stars One of the best exam preps for the CISSP
3/17/2023 10:18:45 AM - David - ,

The Boson exams for the CISSP deserve their reputation. Nothing will exactly prepare you for the test, but the format and style of the Boson test questions were very similar to the real thing. That's important because the format is tricky and if you're not prepared for it, it's going to smack you in the face on the day of the test. Boson has your back.

It's worth what you'll pay for it. Go through the Boson tests at least once when you're close to taking the CISSP. It will help you a lot! It won't exactly teach you the material, but it will prepare you for the real thing, so use it at the end of your study prep.

Good luck!

5 stars Excellent training overall and helped me pass my CISSP
3/16/2023 1:47:50 PM - J.D. - ,

I used the Boson's as well as a few other training aids, including the ISC2 branded study guides which have their own online practice tests and questions banks. The Boson ExSim-Max was noticeably more challenging compared to other practice tests I took. Ultimately, I feel that difference gave me the edge I needed to pass the CISSP on my first attempt.

No practice test will equate to sitting for the actual CISSP exam, but the Boson ExSim for CISSP was better at reinforcing concepts I was already familiar with and filled in gaps that other study materials didn't cover.

5 stars CISSP
3/16/2023 12:12:08 PM - Andy - ,

It is very helpful for the understanding of CISSP 8 large domains!!

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