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Error Message: "Font Error"

Tahoma Font Missing

Windows Font files can become corrupt. When this happens, an error could occur when our software attempts to use the corrupted font file. It is usually a style within the font that is affected (bold, italics, or regular).

Example Error Messages:

Font 'Tahoma' doesn't support style 'Regular'.-Util:main
Font 'Tahoma' doesn't support style 'Italic'.-Util:main

Solution 1:

Replace the corrupt Font on your computer with one from another computer that is running the same Operating System. Windows fonts are located in the C:\Windows\Fonts\ directory.

Solution 2:

An alternative solution:  Navigate to the C:\Windows\Fonts\ directory. Locate the corrupt Font file. Copy the font file to another directory. Right-click on the copied file and from the pop-up menu, and select Install. Repeat with all copied font files.

If this solution does not work, please refer to Solution 1.